Villa Lante a Bagnaia

This time I want to take you to one of the innumerable beautiful villas in or just outside of Rome.

Villa Lante in Bagnaia is a large villa from the late Renaissance known mainly because it possesses one of the most famous Italian garden, enriched with fountains and water features. It was officially classified as ‘ the most beautiful park of Italy ‘ in the national contest of 2011.

Bagnaia is a picturesque medieval village near the city of Viterbo, located on a hill at the northern edge of wooded Hills Cimini.

The origins of the villa probably date back to the 13th century and it was used as a hunting lodge.


In 1568, after winning a lawsuit against the Bishop of Viterbo, the villa became possession of Cardinale Giovan Francesco Gambara.

The architect Jacopo Barozzi called “il Vignola” planned the transformation of the former hunting lodge, with its park, in its final appearance of a sixteenth-century villa.

The other key figure in the Villa Lante was realizzazone Tommaso Ghinucci from Siena architect and hydraulic engineer who, after finishing the Villa d’Este in Tivoli, for about a decade (1571 – 1581) dedicated himself to Villa Lante.

To him it must the water games and probably some kind sculptures boats in the Fountain Square.

Since 1590, ie shortly after the death of Cardinal Gambara, the Villa passed into the availability of Cardinal Montalto who held it for over 30 years.

The high prelate, in addition to complete its realization, if possible improved by adding (at least) the four “Mori” died in the Fountain Square.

Fontana dei Mori

In 1623 Cardinal Montalto died and the Villa, after several short passages of ownership, in 1656 he entered the possessions of Lante della Rovere.

 The Della Rovere kept the Villa for nearly 300 years … until 1953, when it was purchased by the Company Villa Lante


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