Walking up the little Via di San Pietro in Carcere and entering the Vittoriano museum complex, you realize you are still on time (the exhibition is open until February 19, 2017) to make a fascinating journey through the huge production and all the techniques of a superb American artist, today considered as a classic of the 20th century painting:Continua a leggere “Hopper!”

Time is out of joint

  I didn’t realize that there was an inscription on the steps until I crossed the road to take a picture of the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, and I was excited like a child when I entered the hall. ‘Time is Out of Joint’ is the title of the exhibition started in October 2016 (open untilContinua a leggere “Time is out of joint”

Villa Lante a Bagnaia

This time I want to take you to one of the innumerable beautiful villas in or just outside of Rome. Villa Lante in Bagnaia is a large villa from the late Renaissance known mainly because it possesses one of the most famous Italian garden, enriched with fountains and water features. It was officially classified as ‘Continua a leggere “Villa Lante a Bagnaia”