Claudio C.

Gli incontri con Gioia per me sono stati trasformativi, importanti. La ringrazio. Col suo lavoro può aiutare davvero tante persone, sia per l’esperienza che ha, sia per la sensibilità e la grinta.


Qualcosa su Claudio Cretaro, Sales Manager STAES

Pubblicato da Gioia Magliozzi

I'm a Life & Career Coach, member of AICP (Associazione Italiana Coach Professionisti). After more than 20 years of experience in the Corporate field, initially in Communication (cinema & TV), then in the aviation sector (I still deal with International Projects and Partnerships at ENAV), I embraced the profession of coach to realize my dream of all time: to positively affect people's lives. My mission is to accompany people on the journey towards the full expression of their potential and a high quality of personal and professional life. Among my favourite tools: Personal Branding, Presentation Skills and Public Speaking strategies. Alongside a degree in foreign languages ​​and literature and a postgraduate course in Economics and Business Management, I obtained a Master in Life & Career Coaching. Member of the International Society of Female professionals. I'm a single mother of two teenagers, which is the biggest challenge of all.